• Season 1, Ep 8

sneak peek: a few red flags

Nev and iO visit a frat house to learn about Brian's change of behavior.

04/08/2016 ยท 1:23

- What's going on, guys?

- This is iO's first time

in a frat house,which is probably

why she so quickly jumpedinto the beanbag chair

without really considering--

- Ah! Ah! Ah!

- Only thing that happens hereis football and napping.

I swear.- You're killing me right now.

So we're curiousabout your bro Brian.

- With me and Dmitri,we're both, like,

super close to him I guess,

like, our firsttwo-and-a-half years,

and then last year he just,like, stopped coming around.

- Really?- Yeah.

I know it's stupid,but he stopped commenting on,

like, you know, someof our social media accounts.

- Wow, so he just sort ofdropped off?

Did you notice a changein what he was posting?

- He's been putting a lotmore time in, like, traveling.

Kind of, like, upscale fun things to do.

It's mostly him in, like, Hollywood, LA.

I don't know if he, like, goes to the clubs out there,

the bars or whatever, and, like,

very open about posting it.

- That doesn't necessarilysound like a bad thing.

- But I mean, it leads into,

like, the peoplethat we see

who are commentingon those types of things.

People we've, like,never met or seen before

and, like, just saying some,like, weird things.

Can I show you guys?- Yeah.

- Please. By all means.- Yeah, okay.

Someone commented,"Come home now."

- Who is that? Do we know?- No.

- You've never seen or heard of that person before?

- In my life.

With the geo tagswhere it shows, like,

what city he's in,it's always, like,

out by LA, and we're,50 minutes this way,

so I don't know, man.

It's just, like,some little red flags like that.

We just don't hear from him,and so,

that's ouronly communication with him.

- Okay.- Thank you, guys.