• Season 2, Ep 4 · Highlight

Ten Photo's You Find On DeRay's Instagram

Watch the Jokesters try and come up with the best 'clickbait' in 'In Your Feed'.

01/06/2016 · 1:16

10 photos you findon DeRay's Instagram.

(bell dings)

There's somenice asses on there.

Eight women I wouldlet fart in my face.

(bell dings)

That's a nasty dude.I'm nasty.

Quiz-- do you enjoy your timeaway from your kids

a little too much?

(bell dings)

10 meals fromDesus's cookbook.

(buzzer sounds)Number one--

number one, fat coco.

(audience laughing)

Buzz that, (bleep).

Seven pools you mightcatch a STD in.

(bell dings)

10 ways to swim withoutgetting your hair wet.

(bell dings)


Nine women whose kidscall 'em by their first name.

(bell dings)

Quiz-- are you (bleep)?

(bell dings)

(bell dinging)

(DeRay) Give it upfor all of them, y'all,give it up for all the teams.