• Season 1, Ep 8

sneak peek: the fiesta is over

Nicole is distraught after things ended with Derrick.

10/13/2016 ยท 1:04

- Did you sleep atall last night?

- No. Every ethnicitystarts with a "K."

I've narrowed her downto Jewish, Korean,

Armenian or just likeregular-ass White.

- Okay, know what?We're done.

No, you need to stoplooking for this woman, okay,

and you're startingto act crazy.

- I just wanna figure outif she's prettier than me,

or thinner, or smarter,or has bigger tits.

- I've never met this woman,but you and I both know

she has you beat inall of those categories.

- Oh! Why are youbeing so mean?

- Because no matterwho this bitch is,

you're gonna thinkshe's better than you.

I'm helping you cometo grips with that.

- He's right.

- Those words soundso good in your mouth.

- Okay, no, back to me.What am I gonna do?

- You're gonna cry it out,

and then you're gonnaget over it a little bit,

and then you're gonnacry it out again,

and get over ita little bit more.

There's plenty ofdicks out there, Nicole.

- No, not like "Chico."

- Of course, Derricknamed his dick.

- No, I named his dick.

I don't know whyI went Latin.

It seemed appropriate.

He just like pulled downhis pants and I was like,

ooh, that's a fiesta.