• Season 3, Ep 1

sneak peek: I've evolved this summer

Karma and Amy talk about how they've changed over the summer.

03/08/2016 ยท 0:55

- Don't be silly.- Thanks.

- I didn't invite youbecause I know

a bunch of strangers drinkingalcohol in bathing suits

is your worst nightmare.- Was.

But now I love parties.They're my jam.

I've evolved this summer.

Which is why I'm here.

- With Liam.

How crazy we bothbefriended former enemies.

- Oh, no,we're not friends.

He was just my ride here.

You're not...

- Jealous?[laughs]

I evolved this summer too.

I'm dating a guy who looksbetter in a sarong than I do.

- Why didn't you mentionhim earlier?

- Because I was at work.

And I knew it might bring upsome feelings for you

and wouldn't want youto have to skip town again.

- But that's the thing, I don'thave those feelings anymore.

After a summer apart,I am 100% over you!

- Yay.

- Now we can get back on track.

Isn't this great news?

- The greatest.