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'God Intended' For Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Adams To Win Best Kiss, Conan Says


The MTV Movie Awards are perhaps most known for the Best Kiss award, one that has become as important to fans as any other major category. And 2014 Conan O'Brien admits even he thinks it's the most important hardware handed out al night."I think the Best Kiss is the most prestigious award in the history of awards, and I'm including the Nobel peace prize," said Conan. "It honors human love.""And what could be more important than love between two humans ... specifically when it's two ladies kissing. I think that's as God intended."Conan was referring to the kiss between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in "American Hustle," which is up for the prestigious Golden Popcorn at this Sunday's awards show."I'm rooting for the kiss between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams," said the host. "I think when women kiss, it's more beautiful than a sunset and a sunrise combined."But Conan didn't stop at this year's awards. With two of the Best Kiss nominees being three-way kisses, he predicted some extremely big changes for the category, changes that could completely change the MTV Movie Award landscape."We can see the category's expanding now to three-way kisses, and this is a trend," said the philosophizing Conan. "Soon it will be four-way kisses, five-way, and within four years, nine-way kisses."Conan only hoped that he'd get to host the show again when that happens, because he'd like to "get in on that. Anything with fondling and touching, I'm all on board."You can see all the fondling, touching, and outrageous moments when Conan hosts the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.