• Season 4, Ep 6

sneak peek: stephen tries to shutdown gio’s advances

“Gio needs to get his a** whooped.” Don’t miss the next episode of #AYTO to see if your feeling is mutual…Monday at 10/9c!

07/18/2016 · 1:25

- Listen, I had a whole speech for you, but I'm just gonna throw it away.

- Okay.

- I honestly feel likeyou're my match,

but, like, I'm not gonnasmother you,

like, I'm not gonna force it.

- If you think I'm your match,you're going about it

all the wrong way, Gio.

- I deserve to get what I want.

And I'm not gonna put myselfon the backburner every day.

- Why would you sit hereand say I'm you're match

but then make outwith Francesca?

Do you think I'd ever gofor someone like that? No.

- This whole thing is,like--Stephen, no, hey.

- How come every time I walkin the room it's this, bro?

Like, really?

Like, I could see youfrom [bleep] outside

and I'm gonna sit right here.

- That's fine,I'm not hiding anything.

- But you're fightinga battle you shouldn't fight.

- But I respected you enoughto just...

- I know.- Stay in my lane.

But that [bleep] likeI'm--between me and you,

that's gonna run outreally fast.

- But why is that gonnarun out real fast?

- Because that's whatI'm choosing to do.

I'm being backed in a corner.

I feel like I haveto defend myself,

but I don't have to do it with words,

you know,if they cut my tongue out

and I had nothingbut body language

and energy, I'd be fine.

- That's my lady.

You know, I understand the wayyou feel the way you feel,

but you got to respectwhat's going on.

- That's your opinion.

- Gio, look at me, bro.

- Bro?

- I know that'smy [bleep] opinion--

- I am the smartestmother[bleep] in this house!

Nobody in this houseis smarter than me.

I'm the [bleep]alpha in this house.

That's it.

Respect the true [bleep] alpha!

- Don't act like that.

- Gio needs his ass whooped.