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sneak peek: javi doesn’t want to divorce kailyn

Dr. Drew digs into Kailyn and Javi’s current relationship status in part 2 of the #TeenMom2 reunion — Monday at 9/8c!

06/13/2016 · 1:13

- This was a--a rough,rocky season,

and Kail has a miscarriage,

that's devastation.

Eventually you end up saying

that you sort of blamed herfor the miscarriage.

What did you mean by that? - Um, in my mind,

I knew it wasn't her fault, it wasn't my fault,

it wasn't anybody's fault, but I was just hurting,

and I took it out on her. That was my mistake.

That's when our marriage kind of started going downhill,

after that, and I'm--I'm sorry,

and I just wanted to apologize to her, and...

- Do you accept that apology?- Absolutely.

- Has he apologized before?- Mm-hmm.

- Wh--where do you thinkthe relationship stands

right now? - I don't know.

You know, I'm gonna get my own place,

and she--she's gonna stay at the house,

and it is what it is.

- So we're talking abouta separation.

- Uh, I think we're talking about a divorce.

- Is this what you want? - Absolutely not.

I mean, she knows I want my family together

more than anything in this world,

and she--she just thought

I wasn't supportive of her.

She felt I wasn't--- Okay, hold on a sec.

- I wanted to be the g--- Hold on.

What do you wanna do?

I mean, I heard his desiresvery clear.

- Mm-hmm.