• Season 32, Ep 3

Sneak Peek: Fire, Passion, and Friendship

The gang all bond at a beach campfire and vow to stay friends.

10/18/2016 · 1:49

I think of passion

and I feel like we shouldall write down

what we're passionate about,

and just roll it up,and then we all, like,

bring it to lifeby putting it in the fire.

- Good.- I like that. I like that idea.

Good idea.- Cool. Cool. Cool.

- I'm trying to be moreopen-minded with my roommates,

and I want to do something to get us connected

on a deeper leveland also something inspiring

that we all can look forward to.

- ♪ Ooh, swingin' on and happy ♪

- Okay.- All right.

We got to--we got to count down.

- All right.Everybody ready?

- Once you throw this in,

don't let it just be a paper.

This is, like,a symbolism for, like,

you actually accomplishing

what you wantto accomplish, okay?

So on the count of three,we're gonna do it.

We all come together.all: One, two, three!

- Whoo!

♪ ♪

- All right,everybody hold hands.

- Duke's!

- That's beautiful.- I love the background.

- Yeah, I have some good ones.

- Look at this.You see the flame in midair.

That's crazy.By the end of this, like,

I'm just mad hype to have metall of you, for real.

I have moments,I think, with everyone now

where I'm getting, like, bits and pieces of,

like, private lives which I think is really cool.

- I didn't know what kind ofpeople you guys were gonna be,

but I love you guys,so it's cool.

- Not allowed to leave.Once you're here, you're here.

- Yeah, and don't let anyonetake this experience

away from you.- That's what's I told Robbie.

- That's how I feel.No matter what...

I'm not fighting.I'm not popping off.

- I'm glad we got thatbull[bleep] out the way early.

- Like, we kind of got, like,all that hostility,

like, the--like, all the[bleep], the testosterone.

Everything's leveled out.

Like, now, we just got to be,like, not--

like, strong as,like, a unit.

- Yeah.- Well, basically,

when this is over,we all have to come together

somewhere and do some [bleep].Everybody, cheers.

all: Cheers.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪