• Season 22, Ep 25

sneak peek: lube shop

David (22) has low testosterone levels, and consequently can’t have an orgasm, so he’s decided to go to a sex shop for the first time in his life in order to find something that might arouse him.

10/28/2016 · 1:10

Stuart mentioned going to Lube Shop,

and I've never, ever thoughtabout going to one of those.

I think the sex therapist would be proud of me

breaking out of my shell.

- You ready to get some lube?

- No.- No? [laughs]

- This is so weird.

- Jesus.So many [bleep].

[laughter]Is that even human?

- This would be great for,like, masturbation.

- This is the closestI've been to a vagina.

Eww.It feels weird.

It feels like skin.

- Yeah, it's supposed to.

- Eww.

- Your first boob. Catch.- Ahh.

What the heck?

- [laughs]

- This is so weird.

- Granny love doll.Travel-sized, David.

- Not into grannies like that.

- David, I'm trying to figureout what you are into.

- I don't know what I'm intoafter seeing all of this.

I broke my kinky shop virginity.

I never imagined myself going into a store like this

and experiencing lubeand things.

Do you have a bag for these?

- Yeah, I'll get a bagfor you.

Don't worry.- Thank you.

The toys in the backwere terrifying.