• Season 6, Ep 10

Sneak Peek: Farrah Tells Simon He’d Be Fired If He Worked For Her

Farrah blows up on Simon when he doesn’t help her with setting up her shop. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

10/10/2016 · 1:42

I needed you to stock a juicecooler up front, and a--

- Where's--is all the restof the juices in there?

- No, Simon, grab some more outof here and fill it up.

Here, take the whole boxin there with you.

Stop walking back and forth.

If you have an issue helping me,then don't help.

- I don't have a issue helping.

I'm just taking a lookand seeing what you want--

- Then get out of my waythan rather get in my way.

- Go look and tell mewhat you want changed.

- Dude, you're stillin here eating?

I love, like, you're,like--please.


- Just tell me what you need.Talk to me.

- I already did.Fill up the refrigerator.

You act likeyou're Mr. Home Ec,

and you can't listento what I've said.

It's, like, not--it's not hard.

- I think it looksgood right now.

- I didn't ask what you think.

I said what I said,and you can't help.

That's a problem.That's a severe problem.

If one of my employeesacted like that,

then they would be fired.

- I agree.- And if you're a friend,

then act like a friend.


I mean, seriously,try getting married

and not being helpfulto your wife.

That's a divorce. Good luck.