• Season 5, Ep 16

sneak peek: catelynn and tyler visit their counselor

Tyler is worried about Catelynn, which prompts a visit to their counselor. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 10/9c.

01/22/2016 · 1:50

Butch is watching Nova tonight

so Tyler and I can go see our counselor.

- Puppy.


- I don't think I need to go,

but since Tyler's worried about me, I'm going.

- So you're married.

- Uh-huh.- We're married!

Had a baby.Baby's settled in.

- So now what kindof baby is she?

- Always wants attention.- A lot.

- Never wants to, like,be by herself.

- Okay.- Very hyper.

- They don't want youto always, like, leave the room,

and how do you take a showerwhen they're, like--

- Right.

- I think it's partof what happens.

- I would like your opinion.- Okay.

- I really would--on, like,how many days a week

do you think a baby should beat Grandma's, like, over--like,

we get a night, like,where they're away for a night?

Our family have this--all these things.

Everyone's thinking all thesethings and opinions

about "Where's Nova?Where's Nova?

"Where's she at?Why is she never home?

Is Catelynn goingthrough postpartum?"

- Okay, what do they meanby "never home"?

- Maybe, I would say,on average--

- Two, three times,maybe sometime.

- A week.- Okay.

- So her mom will have herfor two days.

She'll come homefor, like, a night or two.

- Grandparents do getvery gung ho about grandchilds.

- Yeah, but this is Catelynnasking them to take Nova, not--

- Not all the time.

- But I would be lyingif I said--if I didn't think,

"Something's, like,this is--okay.

Well, she's been gone a lot,but..."

- What draws you to ask them?

- Uh, 'cause I'm the onewho's always waking up

in the middle of the night,waking up at 7:00 every day,

and sometimesI just want a break.

- Okay.

- So maybe that's myresponsibility, then.

I need to do more.- Yeah.

If--let's say grandparents weregone--like, lived far away.

- Moved to Floridaor something.

- Okay, and it's justthe two of you.

How do you thinkyou would handle

the stuff that you do?

'Cause I do--I think,

you know, two times a weekprobably is...

- It's normal.- It could be normal.

But if it's gettingmore than that,

then maybe there'ssomething more going on.