• Season 5

sneak peek: next-level catfishing

Nev and Max learn about a serial catfisher.

08/05/2016 ยท 1:53

come home--my friendswere here that night.

And I'm like,"Let's call Lucas!"

They're like, "Well, Lucas,we don't believe you're you.

"So send us a Snapchatof your face

"holding one finger up

with our names writtenon a piece of paper."

So then he sent the Snapchat.

Like, you can't--who can fake a Snapchat, right?

And I have the Snapchat.

So he's that gentlemanright there.

- Okay. - This would be the Snapchat.

- Oh.

- I mean, that--if I got that,

I would be like, "Whoa,this guy's legit."

- Yeah.- Yeah.

Well, one of myfriends was like,

"I bet you it's Photoshopped."

So she did a reverseimage search.

So the next pictureI'm gonna show you,

you're gonna lookpretty similar.

There we go. - Ahh.

- Look at the shadowwhere the finger is.

Wow--like, that's dedication.

That's where it's next-level.

- That's crazy.

- So that's what popped upon the search,

and it led back toa man named Trey.

Trey had a lot more photos

on his Instagram, and not only that,

but in that same day,

a girl contacted me.

Her name's Urszula.

And she says, "Beware of the scammer Lucas!

"He's pretending to be somebody he's not,

and he's developingrelationships with other women,"

all of which I didn'tnecessarily ask her about.

It's just a hard thing to know

that you were sending private photos.

You know, I may have done "Playboy,"

and I may be a dancer,

but when I send youa personal picture,

it's because I trust you.

And it's disturbing to think

that he's taking advantage ofother women that way, too.

- Pretty a sinister thought.- Yeah.

No, it's disgusting.

- We got to figure outwho this guy is.

At the moment, it looks like Urszula

probably knows the most.

So maybe we shouldvideo chat with her

just to make sure she's legit.

- Absolutely.- Okay.

[computer ringing]

- Oh, my God.- Whoa.