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sneak peek: is butch ready to get married again?

Meet Butch’s new girlfriend during the “Being Butch” special — airing July 18th at 9/8c!

07/11/2016 · 2:02

What's going onwith you two?

I want to know.

- What do you want to do?Hmm?

- I got what I want.- Okay, well--

- I'm--I'm pretty happyright now.

Would I marry youtomorrow?

No. No.

- Good thing I wasn't gonnaask you tomorrow.

- Well, it's not--it's just--

I'm not ready.

Are you?

- I just like the securityof it--the security of it.

I got, you know...

- So have you talked to Tyler

about how you feel about wantingto get married tomorrow?

- Kind of, like, yeah--yeah,I've talked to him.

- What does he think?

- He says, "Dad..."[chuckles]

He says, "Well,I think it's kind of soon,

but if you wereto marry anybody," he said,

"I'm glad it's Nadine."He really--he likes you.

- He did not.He did not say that.

- Yeah, he did.He likes you a lot.

But listen, Mattstopped over one morning.

- At Tyler's?

- And we were cookingbreakfast. We ate breakfast.

We were talking about whenI was--before I got locked up,

I went on a cocaine binge--three or four days.

So Tyler sayssomething to me.

I said, "Well,

apparently I love cocainemore than I do you."

[solemn music]

I--you know,I didn't mean it.

But, I mean, I was thinking,you know, maybe I do.

'Cause listen, I'mout there in--in the D

for four or five dayssmoking this bull[bleep].

My kids are out here.

Like, I didn't knowit rocked 'em like that.

It kind of rocked 'empretty good.

Some things I justdon't--can't comprehend.

I need help.I mean, I know I need some kind

of help in that area.

- Well, how did you feelwhen your mother left?

- I felt terrible.- Well, okay.

Tyler's the same way...- But--

- Only it was his dad,and it happened to be you.

- I know,but I wouldn't--listen,

I think Tyler's got to--- No, you listen.

You know howyou have issues

that you don't wantto go through?

Well, he does too.

So you--- Okay.

- He still has you to help himthrough that.

I don't know, maybego back to counseling

so you can do for himwhat you can't have done

for you.