• Season 1, Ep 2

sneak peek: kennedy closes in

Kennedy is unhappy with Jules’s disappearing act.

11/16/2016 · 1:05

- I know.- Do you? Do you know?

- Last night was--- Oh, girl, I am not done.

First, you blow offthe study session I planned.

You're out all night,and now you're hanging out

with the campus weed dealer?

- She's a tutor.She's--she's my tutor.

We were just--we werestudying all night,

and then I justbumped into this guy

that I met at the partylast week.

- A boy?Oh, my God.

You should've led with that.So what happened?

- We just talked all night.

- Mm-hmm.

- I'm actuallyseeing him again later.

- Oh, cool.You're gonna be back

for the scavenger hunt,though, right?

- Definitely.

- Hey, I'm really glad

that you found someone.

Also, if you ever stay outall night again

without texting me,I will kill you.

- Okay.- Love you.

- Love you.