• Season 1, Ep 2

sneak peek: public pillow talk

Girls can talk dirty, too! And a busy girl doesn't care who hears it.

06/14/2016 · 2:24

(telephone ringing)


Hi, babe.

I'm doing good.How are you?

I'm horny, too.


Yeah, let's talk.

I'm wearing a dress.What are you wearing?

Can I see the crème brû--

Can I taste a little bitof the crème brûlée?

I'll have the crème brûlée,that's good.

You have a big (bleep).

I wanna, yeah, touch it.

I wanna tickle it.

Yeah, tickle your (bleep)real hard for me.

No, I think takeboth of your hands.


Well, spit on (bleep).

Spit on (bleep)and then rub it.Excuse me.


Caress it.

Yes. Well, why, multi-task.I mean, hello.

(laughs)Yes. Hell, yes,

take it out of the hammock.Perfect.

Do that little soundI like, yes.

Do you have to standon top of me

while you say that?

I'm sorry.So, I'm on the phone.

You're telling yourboyfriend to rub his (bleep)

in front of everybody.I'm on the phone.

Okay, so don't standon top of me.

I like my personal space.

No, I am payingattention, I'm sorry.

Somebody keepsinterrupting me.


Make a littlemonkey sound for me.

Make a "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh."I love that.

Grab your banana.Grab that banana very sl--

'Cause you're a bad boy.Grab it, yank it.

Yank the ba-- Yank the banana.

Yank the banana.Yank it! Yank it!

Yank that banana.

Oh, can I do a banana cake?

Banana cake?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.


I'm gonna get your scrubsall dirty.

Yeah, uh-huh.

'Cause you're a naughty doctor.

Oh, no, I'm choking.Can you give me C.P.R.?

Can you put your lipsto my lips?

Put your lipsto my lips.

Yes, I would lovesome fluid in my lungs.

Yes, I love that.Mm-hmm, I love that.

(man)Bye, ma.

Pretend that you have a gummybear and put it on your butt.

Put it in your butt (bleep).Yeah, okay.

Okay, you gonna finish?You finishing?

You finishing?You finishing?


Are you on the phone?

Oh. 'Cause you're on MTV'shidden-camera show "Ladylike."