• Season 5, Ep 22

sneak peek: Return to Camp Pookah

Fresh off of recent breakups, Matty and Jenna sign up for Camp Pookah.

05/10/2016 ยท 0:58

- Previously on "Awkward"...

- Well, I've been ignoringmy mail.

What's your excusefor signing up late?

- I wasn't gonna go.I mean, it's Camp Pookah.

- Oh, come on,you loved this place.

- I know, but it's in the past.Why get all nostalgic about it?

But then I broke up with Sullyand figured, "What the hell?"

- You broke up with Sully?Sorry.

- Don't act surprised.- I liked her.

- Once you realizedshe didn't hate you.

- True.

Luke and I got in thishuge fight this morning,

and something aboutrunning around Camp Pookah

cracked out on bug juicejust seemed comforting.

- Lot of good times here.

- The past isn't all bad,Matty.

- You want to do somethingafter this?

Misery loves company.

- You know what miseryloves more?

Frozen yogurt.

- With gummy bearsand those mochi things?

- Mm-hmm.

We could get someand bitch about our lives.

- Friends do that, right?- They absolutely do.

- Then let's absolutely do that.