• Season 1, Ep 1

sneak peek: Indiana Hospitality

Nicole asks for directions, and is very grateful for the help she's given.

06/03/2016 ยท 1:05

96th Street and Broadway.

All right, let's see, sothe 1-2-3 train, it looks like.

Thank you so much.Yeah, yeah, it's cool,yeah, yeah.

Have a good day.Aww, don't get lost.


Oh, thank youfor the kiss.

Thank you for helpingas well.

I didn't really help,but okay.Mmm, mwah.

You guys are so nice.

Thank you so much.

But I don't think that'sthe train you gotta take.

That's the wrong one.Oh, thank you so much.

Yeah.Mmm, mwah.

I'm from Indiana.


Have a great day.


So just go upto 96th Street,

like if you take the N,the N train,

it's the yellow one?Yeah.Mm-hmm.

Take that.

So you'regonna switch at, uh...

Mm-hmm.You're gonna switch at--

Just go uptown.Mm-hmm.

(chuckles)You're-- you're so close.

Get on, take the uptown N,and then go to Times Square,

and then just switchto the 1 train

and then you just goall the way uptown.

And then you--and it's like five stops.