• Season 4, Ep 3

sneak peek: stephen swoops in between john and julia

Stephen tells John straight up how he feels about Julia in the next episode of #AYTO — Monday at 10/9c!

06/20/2016 · 1:03

- What's today, Monday or Sunday?

- I think it's Monday.- I don't know.

Stephen, what day is it?

It's Monday, right?

- It's an awesome day,because I just got Froot Loops.

Awesome day.- You are a Froot Loop.

- I'm about to go brush my teethand [bleep], so...

- I don't like explosive people,and he is so explosive.

- If you want to be therefor John,

you want to do the best thingfor him, ignore him.

John, in a nutshell, just needsto grow the [bleep] up

and stop acting likea little whiny kid

who just wants to stomparound the house

because he didn't get his treat.

Honestly, I really thinkJulia is my match.

If that bitch is my match,and I'ma feel that,

I promise you, bro,

everything that's going on herebetween you and her right now

is going to becompletely forgotten about.

- What's she goingto think about, then?

- This mother[bleep],because I think I'm her match.