• Season 2, Ep 6

sneak peek: dune buggying

Tyga and the crew take some dune buggies out to the desert for some wild rides.

09/05/2016 · 1:14

Are we really gonna go dune

buggying in the rain?

>> Yeah, hell yeah.

>> Are y'all ready?

>> All right, let's do it.

>> TYGA: One of the craziest

things you could do in Dubai is

probably dune buggying.

>> TRELL: Dune buggying?

This is not the real culture of

the city.

>> How is it not the culture

when we're in the desert?

>> TYGA: They take you all the

way to the desert.

>> [laughter]

>> Welcome to my playground.

Then they put you on these dune

buggies that go, like, 100 miles

per hour.

You crash on one of these?

You might not make it out alive.

>> Don't kill us.

>> Better know how to drive.

>> You already know.

>> Let's do it.

>> Aw, man, he about to smash my

hair, dude.

>> I'm about to show you mothers

how to [bleep] drive!

>> Let's go, baby!

>> [laughter]


>> Dubai drive-by.

>> Look at the camel, cuz.

>> Ah, running!

Look at that!


>> [whooping]

>> Oh, [bleep]!

>> [screams]

>> Uh oh.

>> Oh no.

>> [whooping]


>> [bleep]

>> Bro! Stop playing bro.

>> Hold on, baby!

>> Oh, [bleep].