• Season 31, Ep 11

sneak peek: Dylan and Jenna have a chat

After living in the house for a little while and talking to the other housemates, Dylans feelings for Jenna have changed.

05/20/2016 · 1:16

- All right, let's go.

- Okay.

- So what's--like, you don'teven want to talk to me.


- I'm talking to you right now.- All right.

- I've given so muchtime to you.

I've given, like,

barely any timeto do other [bleep].

I want to just havea good time, honestly.

- And you can't do that with me?

- I mean--[chuckles]

Okay.- Why is that funny?

- It's funny because,

like, I tried so hardto help you out,

and you didn't want it.

I know more about you now.Like, everyone--

- You don't though.- Yes, because everyone's--

- You just started believingeverything

that everybody else is saying.

- No, I've seen some[bleep] for myself.

Now it's personal.

Now I can makea decision for myself.

I feel like I'vebeen wasting time.

- You could've hooked upwith Kailah a long time ago.

- I probably should've.

- You have these, like,bad feelings towards me now.

- Can you blame me?- No.

Dylan came in

and made itenjoyable for me again.

Not having him anymore

as a support system makes me really upset.

I feel like a part of me justwants, like, the old Dylan back.

- I don't want to sayit's your own fault,

but it is.

[dramatic music]