• Season 5

sneak peek: farrah puts her producer in a bad spot

In Monday’s #TeenMomOG Unseen Moments Special, Farrah flips out when Simon asks a producer about her well-being. Set your DVR for 9/8c!

03/07/2016 · 1:49

When we last sawFarrah and Simon

on this seasonof "Teen Mom OG,"

they were lookingat engagement rings,

but in this clip, Farrah hasa completely different opinion

of him, and it putsher producer, Heather,

in an awkward position.

[dramatic music]

- Okay, Farrah-bara,

so I woke up this morning

to a text from Simon

because Simon's concerned that,like, you're, number one,

not even alive,

and he saidsome things happened,

and obviously,you can tell me about it,

but he is justconcerned about you,

and I haven't reallyinformed him of anything

since I don't knowwhat kind of happened.

- Simon is [bleep] delusional.He's psycho.

He's [bleep] crazy,and I'm never having anything

to do with him.

Him texting you,acting like he gave a [bleep]?

Well, then why didn't youstop by my house

to make sure that I was alive?

- I mean, he said he's callinghospitals, the police.

He's checking to see if therewere, like, accidents.

- Wow.You know what?

That sounds like a whole bunchof [bleep] bull[bleep].



- Am I allowedto tell him you're alive

because he's concerned about it?

- No.

Unless you're friendswith him, sure,

but you're not,so don't respond.

- Okay, so I'm just not gonnahave contact with Simon, and...

- Are you okaywith that [bleep]?

You act like you'reaffected by it.

- Yeah, I mean,I just--I'm a--like, I--

he's texting me 'cause obviouslyhe has my number

and he's concerned that you're,like, in a ditch dead.

- If I actually [bleep] died,it would be on,

like, national news.

He knows that.

- Oh, boy.



- Oh, Farrah.

- The ups and downs in life.

- That was some serious angerdirected to Simon.