• Season 1, Ep 5

sneak peek: dis-engaged

Everyone likes a public proposal, but what if the lady isn't ready?

07/04/2016 · 2:50

(clinking glass)

What are you doing?

(inhaling deeply)Come on.

Oh, what?No-- what?

Come here, come here,come on...


(Perry sighing deeply)



We've been togetherfor six months.

It's indescribable and...

Um, I want to feel like thisfor the rest of my life.



Will you...

marry me?

(all cheering)



I'm sorry.

Perry, it has onlybeen six months.

Like, this is,this is too much.


It's been--isn't it crazy, six months?

Six months for someone topropose to someone?


I can't.

I hones-- I can't.

I-- I can't.

Just get up, please,can you just get up?


Like, we're just (bleep),

like, we're just--that's it.

Like, this... I know like,six months is long time

to be hooking up with somebody,but like, that is literally it.

And I'm not trying to benasty or mean, but like...

Can you not...

(Perry)That's not cool.

I'm taking a hit,come on, now.

So that's it.Yeah.

I mean...

We can still keepsleeping together.

I just don'twant to marry you.

(Nicole sighing)

Uh, Perry, wait, Perry,

can you come here?

Please come back,please?

You forgot the ring.

I can't keep it.

I'm sorry,Perry.

I'm really sorry.

Am I crazy?Like, I'm not crazy, right?

Okay, thank you.

(man singing opera)♪Oh, Perry and Nicole ♪

♪You're in love... ♪

It didn't happen.


I couldn't have marriedPerry because

I met Perrytoday and you guys

are on a new hidden camera showfor MTV called "Ladylike".

(laughing and applause)