• Season 7, Ep 2

sneak peek: corey gains custody of the twins

Corey visits his lawyer to find out the outcome of his and Leah's custody battle. #TeenMom2 airs Mondays at 10/9c!

03/22/2016 · 1:44

- What's going on, brother?- Hey, bud.

- Nobody--everybody left,so it's just me.

Come on back. Come on back.- Yeah. All right.

Well, I got the order.

And, um...

they actually mailed it out,but we went and got

a hand--uh, delivered today.

So, uh, you got

virtually everythingyou asked for.

You're gonna beprimary caretaker.

- Wow.- Primary legal custodian.

She no longerhas the decision making.

It's shared now,so you both have to share it.

We're hoping thatif she only has

one day to take them to school,she'll get them

to school on time the one daya week that she has them.

So you've got themMonday through Friday.

She's got them Fridaythrough Monday.

- Okay.So she knows about this too?

I mean, she--- Uh, I don't know.

I mean,they mailed it out today.

We picked it up, so--

- You know, Miranda and I,we understood

that we wouldn't reallyhave the fun time.

This is the hard time.- Right, it's a big sacrifice.

- This is--but this is what's gonna

build them to bea mature adult

that's gonna succeed in life

and that's gonnago places, you know?

I want them to talkabout college

and what they want to do,that's what I want.

So, that's why I'm gladthis went their way.

- It's everything you wanted.

I just--I couldn'tbe happier for you.

- Yeah, yeah.I'm--it's amazing.

We've fought for so long.- Yeah.

- I mean, it's hardto hold back the emotions,

but, I mean, I reallydidn't expect it, you know?

But for the girls' sake,

I'm tickled pinkthat it happened.