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sneak peek: amber’s awkward massage

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03/07/2016 · 1:52

- There are some conversations

- There are some conversationsthat the moms wishhadn't happened on camera,

and I'm pretty confident--

- Oh, Jesus.

- That's how Amber feelsabout our next unseen moment.

- What is this?

- It's definitely TMI,but also hilarious.

- What is this?

- So we're getting these massages.

- Babe.

- And all of a sudden,I hear--this is what I hear:



So they asked us to flip overonto our backs, and I--

and when I had a quick second,I looked over at her.

I go, "Did you fart?"

She's like,"No, it was the dude."

Yeah, the massage guyin the middle of the massage

ripped ass on her.

- The guy massaging me.I swear to God.

- He was like,"Feel the flow of nature."



[laughs]It was great.

It was the [bleep]greatest thing ever.


I'm gonna be talkingabout this for years.

I'll give you a call later.Bye.

I really thought it was you.

- Baby, you know damn wellmy ass is not farting.

- It sounded--it soundedlike one of your farts.

It sounded like a familiar fart.

- My farts are crazy loud.

- The one you had last nightwas louder than the [bleep]--

you know, the construction workgoing on.

- Like, that was not oneof my farts, and you know it.

- The one you did last nightwas--it shook the bedroom.

- Mine are crazy loud.

What-the-hell-ever, shut up.

- And then you alwaysexplain yourself after.

You're like,"I just farted."

No kidding.

- [laughs]

- You're just sitting therewatching a movie,

and you're like--[spits]

- That's not true.- "Oh, I farted."

Are you sure you farted?- You're so stu--

- I didn't know.

- [laughs]

- Anytime I'm feeling blue,

I'm just gonna feel about--think about that fart.

It's gonna cheer me right up.


- Guys love it.

- Amber,

how proud are you right now

of that scene airingfor everyone to see?

- Oh, Jesus.It's not the worst.