• Season 32, Ep 1

sneak peek: getting to know each other

The new Real World crew goes out for a meal and some drinks to learn a bit about each other.

10/12/2016 · 1:28

- Yo, this is gorgeous.

- ♪ Everything seems beautiful ♪

♪ Just beyond midnight

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

- When's the last relationshipyou been in?

- About a year.

- Damn, son.- Why'd you guys break up?

- We were justtwo different people.

Like, things just changeafter a while.

- When do you knowit's time to let go?

- I should've let goa year earlier.

- Damn.- I'm not gonna let

one person ruin my outlookon everybody else.

- When was yourlast relationship?

- Off and on all the time.

- Like, what is the downfallin your relationship?

There's obviously a problemthat you have.

- Trust.- Did you cheat?

- I did.I'm not gonna lie.

I did.- Like, yeah, I cheated.

I cheated, and that's whatmade me so insecure.

- When I was younger,I used to cheat right away

when I would get intoa relationship and I would--

- That's [bleep] up.- I know, but I would do it

as, like, an insurance policy'cause I was so insecure.

- He's definitely a cheater.I can definitely tell.


- Ready?- [laughs] Yeah.

[all cheering]

[ethereal music]

- This is awesome.- This is amazing.

- This is for "Real World 32."- Cheers.

- Long relationships.- Yes, to friendships.

- Friendships.- Cheers.

- I already like y'all.

- Double cheers.

- Like, my thing is, like,you're shy right now.