• Season 22, Ep 11

sneak peek: I'm dating with HIV

On this episode of True Life, you'll meet two young people who are attempting to date while also living with HIV.

02/09/2016 · 2:14

- So I did give you a littlesomething-something,

so it would technicallybe called an STD.

female narrator: Dating is hard enough,

but what if something about your health

made it more difficult?

- I'm, like, super nervous to actually tell him.

Only because I don't know what the outcome may be,

but I'm just gonna go aheadand tell him.

narrator: On this episode of "True Life"

you'll meet two young people who are attempting to date

while also living with HIV.

- Do you?- Yeah.

- Do you really?

- So have you encounteredanybody that was, like,

HIV-positive or anything?

narrator: Even though they are both living normal,

healthy lives, the stigma of HIV

is making their dating life extremely challenging.

- Hey, come here.Where your boyfriend at?

- I don't have one.

narrator: Will they find somebody

who can fully accept their HIV status?

- I love you.- I love you.

narrator: Or will it continue to affect their love lives?

- Not getting a reply from someone

after I disclosed my status to them

makes me feelalmost less than human.

narrator: Lexi has been in a relationship for two months,

but when a doctor visit raises concerns

about her boyfriend's health status...

- Are you using condoms?- Yes.

- For oral, anal,or vaginal sex?

- Not for oral.

narrator: Their relationship is put to the test.

- I love him,and I want it to work,

and that's whyI've tried so much.

narrator: Newly HIV-positive,

Jonahs has moved to Virginia to get a fresh start.

- I sort of set you upwith someone.

- Really?

- No, no.- Yeah.

- I don't do blind dates, okay?

narrator: But as he starts to date again,

he struggles with when and how

to disclose his HIV status.

- I tell them about my status,

and then they justdon't talk to me.

It definitely takes a tollon me

and I can't do it again.

narrator: Both of these young people desperately want

to find their special someone,

but will their partners be able to deal with their HIV status?

- It definitely sucks.It does not feel good at all.

- It's never beenthis hard for me before.

narrator: Find out next,

on "True Life: I'm Dating with HIV."

- [bleep] my life.

[dramatic electronic music]

There's something I have to tell you.