• Season 6, Ep 5

sneak peek: an emotional surprise party for amber

Matt is full of surprises for Amber in the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 9/8c!

09/06/2016 · 1:32

- She's on her way.Come on.

- That's your mom's car.

- I know.

What is going on?- [chuckles]

- Here they are.

- Oh, my God, really, guys?

Like, I'm smart, like...- [laughs]

How smart were you?- Not until right now.

- Okay.- Now I'm nervous.

all: Surprise!

- Oh!

- Hi, Boo-Boo.


Hi, baby.- Hello!

- Hi, guys.

Everybody I love is here.

[overlapping chatter]

- Amber!- What?

I got something for you.- What?

- I got onemore surprise for you.

- Happy birthday, Amber.- Oh, my God, I'm gonna cry.

[soft music]

- [laughs softly]- Oh, my God.

[soft laughter]- Aww.

- Don't cry.You'll make me cry.

[soft laughter]

You're crying, aren't you?[laughs]

- How are you?- I'm good.

How are you?

- Oh, you're beautiful.- You're beautiful.

- You got makeup on.- I know.

[laughing]I can now.

- Oh, my God, babe,you're in clothes.

- Yeah.- Hi.

Oh, my God.We made it, right?

- Mm-hmm.- We're the only ones.