• Season 5

sneak peek: catfish patrol

The catfish team has a group huddle to discuss how to catch their latest catfish.

08/03/2016 · 2:04

I mean, what if it is this guy?

- [crying] That's just so grossand so wrong.

I'm just so upset.

It's, like, even though I knew,it's just, like--

it's all right in frontof me right now,

and it's just so disgusting,

like, to think about the thingsthat I shared with him.

It's just so gross.

- I mean, yeah, it's gross.

It's selfish.

It's twisted.

- Why don't we stop for today?

Urszula will be here tomorrow.

We can go overall this with her.

and decide what we wantto do next together.

- Okay.

We'll talk to youin the morning.

Feel better.- Okay, I will.

- We've seen some serial catfishon the show before,

but this guy is sort of takingit to a whole 'nother level.

- No, this guy is gross.- Right.

I want to see his account. - Uh-huh.

- The problem is, he blocks the girls

we've spoken to.

- I see where you're going.

Let's bait him intofriending us.

- Yes.

- Let's use someonefrom the crew.

- Exactly.

We're not catfishing him.We just want to get--

- We're getting--we need to get a man

behind enemy lines...

- That's right.- Or a woman.

- Right.- All right. Let's recruit.

- Okay, guys.

Can we do a littleteam huddle?

You guys know what we'redealing with here, right?

- Yeah.

- We want to see ifthis guy really is

as gross as he sounds.

So we're thinking--

if the ladies of the creware willing to--

try following him.

Hopefully he'll accept someone.

- So what if hemessages me back?

What do I say?

- Just keep it casual--

just like, "Oh, yeah, I thoughtyou looked interesting."

- Yeah, we can do it.

- Okay.- Great.

So you two--you're oncatfish patrol.

- Okay.