• Season 5, Ep 16

sneak peek: facing the consequences

Candic has been married for 7 years, but recently has been chatting with Titus and feels that she should fess up to her husband about it.

08/19/2016 · 0:47

I've been married for over seven years."

- Whoa.- Whoa.

"And I have a beautifulfour-year-old daughter.

"I love my family,but for the past year,

it's been really hard for myhusband and I to communicate."

- ♪ It's all because of you ♪

- "Titus and I havean emotional connection.

"It feels likeI'm betraying my husband

"and I'm ready to put a stopto this relationship

"and to come cleanto everyone.

"But most importantly, I need totell my husband the truth

and face the consequences."

- ♪ I do it for you

♪ Do it for you

- "Please help memake things right."