• Season 2, Ep 9

sneak peek: the truth is out

Emma confronts Audrey about her involvement with Piper.

07/19/2016 ยท 1:36

Yeah. It's unreal.

All that stuff about Piper,

everything that she said--it was just a lie?

Yes.Right to our faces,every day.

Hey, you guys.Enjoyed your freak showat the carnival last night.

Give it a rest, Hayley.

People are idiots.

Yeah, you'd thinkI'd be used to it.

Hey! There he is.

What the hellis wrong with you, huh?

How long have you known, Noah?

A few days. I'm so sorryI didn't say anything.

No, you are not sorry.You promised Audreythat you wouldn't tell me.

I thought that she shouldbe the one to tell you.

I know everything nowbecause I heard everything

that you recorded, Noah!

You heard that?How did you--?

Someone sent me an email.

Can I see that email, please?

"Secret Friend"?Yeah, it's obviously fake.

But imminently traceable.

Look, Audrey hasjust been destroyed--

Audrey's been destroyed?

Noah, our friendswere being killed,

and she didn't say anythingto anyone, including you!


No.No, look, I just want--

Let her be.

Emma, I didn't knowit was Piper!Oh, my God!

Yes, you did!You just didn't wantpeople to blame you!

That is not true!It is! It is true!

And guess what?Everyone should blame you.

I blame you!


Come on.Let's get out of here.