• Season 7, Ep 1

sneak peek: jenelle brings her mom to tears

Things go south — quickly — when Barbara picks up Jace from Jenelle’s house. Don’t miss the season premiere of #TeenMom2 — Monday, March 21st at 10/9c!

03/14/2016 · 1:53

- Your mom's here.

- Oh, hi, Jenelle.- Hi.

- Hey, Barbara.- Hey, Tori.

So, how's Kaiser?

- He is sick.He does not feel good.

He won't eat.He won't take his bottle.

He won't drink juice.

He's been awakesince 6:00 a.m.

- He's hurting.- No.

He's fighting his sleep.

Stop telling mehow to parent.

- All right, Jenelle.

So, I wantedto know if, like--

when are yougoing to court?

The chargesthat Nathan's girlfriend...

- I don't know.I have no idea.

I have no ideaabout anything.

I don't knowabout your court date.

I don't know about--- We don't have a court date.

- Well, I don't knowabout nothing right now.

- The thing with us--it's like,

my lawyer wrote outthis agreement

over a month and a half ago--

- Three thingsthat I don't want to talk about:

Nathan and custody,you and custody,

and then my pending charge.

And you're coming hereto talk about this now.

- Nathan and custody?

- Can you--can you just shut up

and let mecomplete a sentence

before youspeak your mind?

- Why are youso rude to me?

- You never have anything to--- I come all the way up here

and you do nothingbut be rude.

- Mom, you onlyjust come up here to argue.

You call me to argue.Nathan calls me to argue.

- I don't call you to argue.- Every--

And there you gocrying again, as usual.

- Because, you know, you'realways hurting my feelings.

I come up here, and all you dois be mean to me.

- All you want to do is cryand act over-dramatic.

- You go get Jace,and I'll go home.

- Oh, my God. Tori, please...- Jesus.

- There was another[bleep] argument.

- This is yours.- God, dude.

- Here. That's your bill.Pay it.

- God, dude.Another argument.

Come here, Jace.Give me a kiss and a hug, okay?

I love you, okay?

- I love you.- Muah.

I love you.

[dramatic music]