• Season 1, Ep 7

sneak peek: kimye

A dream comes true when Kim Kardashian West invites a superfan backstage to hang out and meet Kanye.

02/16/2016 · 3:29

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>> I am the number one

Kim Kardashian West

fan in the world.

So, Kanye released his tour


And he was coming to New


I'm like [gasps].

"We have to go."

My friend Sara and I, we bought

the tickets.

I'm like, "Wouldn't it be just

"crazy insane if I met Kim

"and we could just

like take a picture."

It's okay to dream it, right?

So I've been tweeting Kim,

"Can't wait for the Kanye

"West concert.

"It's coming to New Orleans.

I will be there."

Kim still didn't tweet me back.

So I'm like, "But maybe,

"Myleeza, your dream just will

not come true."

Get to the concert.

And I'm rocking to Kanye.

Rocking to Kanye.

And my phone went off.

And I'm like, "Who is texting


They know I'm at the concert."

And I look, and it was Kim

tweeting me, "Hey, Myleeza, I'm

"sending my security to come get


"I want you to sit with me in


I was like a mime, I couldn't


I'm like...

Then my whole phone crashed,

like the whole Twitter app.

Everything crashed.

So I ran to the lobby so I could

find Sara.


"Sara, come this way,

"man, she wants us to come sit

"with her right now.

"She's sending her security to

come get us right now."

Sara was just like, "Slow down.

What's going on?"

I said, "Kim just tweeted me

"she want us to come sit with


And I saw a man kept looking at


He looked at my seat number,

looked at me.

And I'm like, "That's me.

"It's me you're looking for.

It's me."

And he said, "Can I see your


I showed him my ticket.

Like "Yeah, come on."

So we're walking down the

hallway, "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

Then we got to Kim.

And she is so petite.

Her hand is about this big.

And I saw your little hand go,

"Hey, Myleeza."

I'm like, "Oh!

Mrs. West is in the building!"

And she was like-[laughing].

"Myleeza, seriously, you are so


"I saw you tweeting that you

"were gonna be at the concert.

"I was like, 'Okay, I have to

see her.'"

And I'm like, "This is really

happening right now."

So the concert was going on.

The whole time, Sara and I was

just bum-bum-bum, bum, bum, bum,

bum, bum, buh-buh-bum.

So the concert was coming to an


And Kim turned around.

And she was like, "Myleeza, do

you all wanna go backstage?"

No, no, no, let me say it in her


"Myleeza, do you guys wanna go

backstage to meet Kanye?"


So then we're walking backstage.

And Kanye come around the


And Kim was like, "Kanye, this

is Myleeza, and this Sara."

And I'm like, "Hi."

He actually leaned in to hug me.

And I'm like, "I'm hugging Kanye


Kim turned around, she was like,

"Myleeza, we have to take a

picture together."

And I'm like, "Aaaah!


So we got our picture together.

And I thought it was gonna be

like a picture like eh.

She was literally to my face

like this.

And I can remember the smell of

her hair.

It wasn't a distinct smell, but

it smell expensive.

And I'm like, "Kim, thank you so

"much for everything.

"This is the greatest moment of

my life."

And she said, "You're so


You guys drive safe."

And then the moment that I will

never forget happened.

She sent me this shirt, which I

try not to wear every day.

So I wear like every other day.

This one, which is my all-time


And she also send me a Christmas


And it's on Cartier Christmas


"XO Kim Kardashian West."

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