• Season 5

sneak peek: four-hundred

Jayme and Urszula sit down to discuss their catfish stories.

08/08/2016 · 2

- This is Urszula.- Hi, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.- Have a seat.

All right, so welcometo Portland.

- You've had some timethis morning on the plane

to kind of think abouteverything that's happened.

Where does your mind go?

- It hurts, you know.It hurts.

We told each other we'rein love with each other,

and, you know, we weretalking on a daily basis.

He was there for me.

- Were you guys intimateon the phone with each other?

- Yes, we were--he wouldalways start it,

but we were intimate.

- He would initiate,like, phone sex?

- Yeah, he would.

- How many timesdid that happen?

- A lot.- A lot?

- Yeah.Two to three times a week.

- Did that happen with you?

- One time.- Once.

- This guy is...

- Disgusting.- Totally gross.

- Why don't we bring youup to speed?

Yesterday, we sort of figured,

"Okay, let's searchfor his number--

see if it comes upwith any names."

It came back registeredto someone named Zac.

Looks like he lives in St. Louis.

So then we just searchedZac on Facebook.

We found a page.

Could this be him?

- Wait, I've s--

I feel like I'veseen that before.

When he told me that he's not

the guy in the pictures,

I'm like, "Show me proof.Like, prove it to me."

So he sent me a picture.

[tense music]

- That is him.- Oh, man.

That's definitely the same guy.- Yeah.

- So we got our guy.

Now, we asked the womenon our crew

to try and follow him,and he accepted.

So--page is obviouslyvery much up,

and the last picturethat he posted

was 17 hours ago.

- That's messed up, because whenhe was apologizing to me,

he told me I'm the last one,

which is obviously bull[bleep].

When I asked him why he'sbeen doing this to us

and other women, he called us"an experiment."

- Ugh.

- But he admitted to me

he's catfished over 400 girls.

- What!- 400?

- Are you kidding?