• Season 1, Ep 4

sneak peek: the byron case

Years after the case was closed, new information popped up about the Byron case.

09/05/2016 · 2:18

who had last seenAnastasia alive.

Kelly and Byron givethe same version of events,

that Anastasia and Justinhad an argument,

Anastasia got out of the car,and Justin drove away.

At 3:45 a.m., the body ofAnastasia WitbolsFeugen

was found in the cemetery

with a single gunshot woundto the head.

Police wanted to talk to Justin,but he had disappeared.

Two days later,they find him,

dead from a self-inflictedgunshot wound.

Because they had such atumultuous relationship,

people were assuming thatthis was some sort of,

like, murder-suicide.

(Ryan)Police decided the gunJustin shot himself with

isn't the onethat shot Anastasia.

With no murder weapon or DNAevidence, they can't tie Justin

or anyone elseto Anastasia's murder.

(Eva)So they pretty much closethe books on this one.

It's a cold case.

Three, four years later,Kelly comes forward

and says,that was all a lie.

I have a new story.

State your name, please.Kelly Moffett.

Do you knowhow Anastasia died?

Yes, I do.

What happened?

Um, Justin and Anastasiagot out of the car to talk

and Byron told meto stay in the car.

He got out of the car.

I saw him go outto the back of the trunk

and got out the gunand shot her.

I mean, it justknocked her backwards.

(Ryan)The police asked Kelly to geta confession from Byron.

When she asked him why he killedAnastasia, he didn't deny it.

Police consider his failureto deny the accusation

a tacit admission of guilt.

Kelly presents that Byronis a morbid person.

That's what she talksabout in her deposition,

is that, here is a person

who likes to look atautopsy photos.

He's into goth.But specifically,

that he has kind of thisfascination with death.

As far as we know,

it's basicallya he-said, she-said.

Right. There isn't reallyany physical evidence.

If there's any new evidenceto be discovered,

it's not gonnawait around much longer.

Every year, people's memoriesare gonna get hazier.

I think if we're going tobe able to make any headway

on an investigation,the time is now.


Cyndy Short and Iknow of each other.