• Season 7, Ep 4

sneak peek: javi’s heavy news

Kailyn is left with so many questions after Javi breaks some news to her in the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Sunday at 6:30pm before the MTV Movie Awards.

04/04/2016 · 1:29

[rock music]

- Can we trade?- Oh, no.

Can we trade cars?

You get the green oneand I get the blue one.


[gasps]- Hey.

- Here comes Daddy.- Give me hugs and kisses.

- No!- Please?

- Stop it.

Why do you teach himto do that?

- I didn't, my dadtaught him that.

- I know, but now you'reencouraging it.

- No!

Stop.- No!

- So I found out todaythat I am deploying.

- Okay.- For sure.

- For sure?


- I'm not leaving right now.I still have a couple weeks to--

To do what I have to do.

- You're for surethis is happening?

- This is it.

And I'm going back,and this is for sure.

- So where dowe even start?

Like, what does that meanfor our family until then?

And how long areyou going for,

and will you have a datefor when you come home?

- No, babe, I won't knowthat until I'm over there.

- Oh, my gosh.