• Season 6, Ep 6

sneak peek: tyler breaks down while talking about catelynn

Tyler talks to his mom about Catelynn’s warning signs in the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 9/8c!

09/12/2016 · 1:36

How is um Cate gone. What'sgoing on? How long is she--

- I think 30 days, and then ifshe--if the psychiatrist

suggests that, you know,"You should probably

stay longer," or--- Yeah.

And she went'cause she wanted to go.

- She so wanted to go.She just said,

"I don't want to feellike this anymore."

She's still having a hard time,because I told her--I said,

"I'm gonna be honestwith you, honey."

I said, "I can't do thisfor the rest of my life.

That's allI'm telling you right now."

- Well, sure.- And she told me.

She was like,"No. I don't either."

I said, "Because this wholefirst year of marriage

and this whole first yearof being a parent--"

- Right, right.- It is so opposite

of what I thought.

I would say it's--I thinkI started noticing things

when Nova was, like,around three months old.

I started noticing, like, her,you know, just--

- Starting to get--- But I didn't know.

You're a new mom--I don't know what you're doing.

I eventually go and take Novawith me to wake her up by noon.

I'm like, "Okay.You know what, dude?

Get your ass up."- Noon, really?

It's going on for that--okay.- Noon.

Dude, I opened the door,and there she is in the blanket,

watching Netflix in our room,

and I'm just like,"What are you doing?"

I said, "You know,it's okay to admit

you weren't ready to be a mom,"

and she just kept saying--I felt so bad for her.

She kept crying. She was like,"Why am I so [bleep] up,"

and, "Look at me.It's affecting you,

and it's affecting my mom,and it's affecting--"

And she's like,"I just [bleep] everybody up."

- Oh, that's not good.- I'm like, "Honey,

you don't [bleep] everybody up."