• Season 6, Ep 13

sneak peek: Farrah and Debra have a communication breakdown

Farrah and Debra bring up old frustrations in their latest argument. Don’t miss new episodes of #TeenMomOG Mondays at 9/8c.

11/09/2016 · 2

- Well, first of all,

I'm not tryingto argue or fight.

I don't want to.

- I mean, I honestlyjust feel like rolling my eyes

when I hear it;I just, I can't even,

like, continually hear it.- Hear what?

- "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to.I don't want to argue.

I don't want to fight."

- I communicatemuch differently than you do.

- Who cares that wecommunicate different?

Figure it out.- I'm trying to comm--

- You know--you wanna knowwhere my [bleep] frustration

comes from right nowand I'm so [bleep] annoyed?

- Why are we swearing?- This time I chose trying to--

oh, you know why?- I don't want to swear.

- You know why I swear?You know why I swear?

- I don't want to swear.- You know why I swear?

Because I'm [bleep] over this.

I'm talking to youabout our communication

and it seems likeI'm the only one

from you to Michael

who is seriouslytrying to make an effort

on having better communication.

- Oh, no. No, no.If I wouldn't have been serious,

I wouldn't have gone...- Oh, you're right.

You're right.- And been and talked to...

- Oh, that's right.- Dr. Drew, Dr. Jenn,

Dr. Phil,doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor.

- Yeah, and guess whopays for that?

- I wouldn't have done it.- Guess who gets you there?

Other parents show up 'causethey want to [bleep] be there.

- I'm there.- And instead, I hear someone

always say, "I don't like her."- I'm there.

- "I don't like Dinah.I don't like Dr. Jenn.

"I don't like this;I don't like that; [bleep] them.

They're anti-Christ."- I like Doctor--

- "So I'm gonna say a satanicthing about everyone else."

- I like Dr. Drew.- Today, I've had--

- A lot of therapistshave worse problems

than the peoplethey're treating.

- Good.You know what?

But I don't give a [bleep]about their problems.

They're paid to sit ina goddamn chair and hear mine.

And they're gonna figure out--and I don't care

if I hear myself talk,I'm gonna figure out how to

work it better myself.

So you know what?- The past does matter.

- So you know what?- We cannot change the past.

We can only change today.- You know what, Mom?

- And going forward.- Guess what?

Guess what, sweetheart?

When you [bleep]hit me that day,

and you thought I wasn'tgonna call the [bleep] cops...

- I never hit you.- And let me ju--oh.

- I never hit you, Farrah.- Oh, no.

Oh, no, dumb bitch,I hit myself.

You're calling me a liarabout [bleep]

that [bleep] happened.

To [bleep] care about you

and you [bleep]called me a liar

and that's what I [bleep] meant.- I did not.

- Get the [bleep]out of my house.