• Season 1, Ep 6

sneak peek: the big gun

Ryan and Eva enlist the help of Matt, a long-time ballistics expert.

09/19/2016 ยท 2:03

The entire case against Byronreally boils down to whether

Kelly's testimonyis true or not.

There's almostno physical evidence

to support either version.

But there is one detailin Kelly's testimony

that we mightbe able to verify.

The prosecutor asked Kellywhat type of gun

she saw Byron useto shoot Anastasia,

and she answered,"A big gun."

"A long gunand not a handgun?" they asked.

But Cyndy Short told usshe believes the murder weapon

was most likely a handgun.

If you are saying you seea rifle or a shotgun

and it turns outto be a handgun,

then the mistakeof identifying like

a long-barrel gunversus a handgun

is pretty glaring.

(gunshot firing)

If it was a handgun

and anybodycould conclude that

absolutely certainly...

then that--then Kelly's story

obviously is completelyinaccurate.

It'll be interestingto talk to ballistics

and have him actuallymap it out.

Mr. Noedel.Hello.

Matt Noedel is a ballisticsand forensics expert

who has investigated nearlya thousand shooting cases.

Matt's gonna create a 3-D modelof the crime scene that he says

might help us determine whattype of gun was used.

(Matt)We have testimonyin this case about

what somebody saw, how--how a person fell.

How far aparttwo people were.Yeah.

So now we canbegin to try to decipher

how important thatmight be.

What I brought with metoday is a 3-D laser scanner.

We need to locatewhere here head,

her feet were.

Her headis about here.

(Eva)And so she's five-two.

62 inches toabout there.

If this is the properlocation,

the car must'vebeen facing that way.

And then what we havehere is our spheres

that we'll useas reference points.

The scanner will begin tolook for these spheres.

The software does the rest.

It will start toacquire.

(Eva)Ooh, there we go.

All right.

Off to the races.

We'll see how long it'sgonna take it

to coordinateall of that data.