• Season 1, Ep 3

sneak peek: the rover camp

amberle and wil are trapped at the rover camp, where will is being forced to somehow 'use' the mysterious elf stones.

01/07/2016 ยท 1:52

You didn't think thisthrough, did you?

Shut up.

It appearsI've underestimatedyou, young lady.

Or overestimated you.

Let him goor your daughter dies.



I'm begging you.

Please.Please, don't.

I... (sobbing)


(others laughing)


Stop, stop! Please!

Just tell me what you want,and I'll do it.

Open your hand.


I've heard the storiesabout your father, Shannara,

but unlike most folks,I actually believe them.

Now, you show mehow to use these Stones

and I won't kill her.

Listen to me, these Stonesare just stones.

Does she liveor does she die, Wil?

I swear to you,even if they were magic,

I don't know how to use--Wrong answer!

No, no, no, no!I have no idea how to use--

(Fury roaring)

(people shoutingand screaming)

(Amberle)Fury! Run!

(Fury roaring,people screaming)

(horse whinnies,people shouting and screaming)