• Season 2, Ep 15

sneak peek: push my buttons

Easy trivia questions - but they must be answered by pushing David's 'buttons'.

02/04/2016 · 2:08


Excuse me, miss lady, you wannaanswer some questions for $20?

No, thanks.It's easy.

Easy-- easytrivia questions.

You wanna answer some questionsfor some quick cash.Hey, partner,

you wanna answer somequestions for some money?

Well, what kind of questions?(both) Easy ones.

Trivia questions,yes or no questions.

Make some cash, sure.You get cash.

Let's go.Okay, great.

It's $20 a question.

You can't really go... wrong.Okay.


Is this your first timeon a game show?

First time on a game show?I've never been on a game show.

Well, today,you're on a game show

with your-- with yourwonderful hosts.

All right.Just gotta buzz in.

I have to buzz that?Yeah, you buzz in.

You know, when you're ona game show and they buzz in?


"Do little people have half-sizenipples, yes or no?"

You said simple questions,

not inappropriatelytouching nipples.

I know,we didn't lie.

"Do little people have half-sizenipples, yes or no?"

No.(mimicking trumpet fanfare)

There you go.

"We get plenty of nip slips,

but has there ever beena butt slip?"

A butt slip?

The answer's no.

Ow, that's right,but come on, bro.

No is correct.

Yeah, all right,yeah, all right!

"In cinema, did Batman

ever have nippleson his bat suit?"

Oh, yeah!

"Is it true if you type'One Direction' in Google,

it will say west?"

Oh, that's easy, no.

Ow, no. Hey, that'sthe end of that.

No more smacking me, bro.Correct, that was the answer.

Good for you, sir.

"Is a titty twister

a type of tornadonear Silicon Valley?"

Oh, yeah!Bah-bah-bah!

There you go, there you go!

Yes, yes, yes!

You did good today, Stuart.Yup.

You did good.You got two right.




Yo, I had three, didn't I?No, you didn't.

No, you got two.You got two.

There you go.Thank you very much.

There you go, yeah.

Can I get one more questionfor $20 before I go?

No, no, that's the last one.

That's it?Yeah.

Just one more.(both) No.