• Season 6, Ep 8

sneak peek: is catelynn still struggling with using marijuana?

Catelynn is hesitant to open up with cameras in the room during the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 9/8c.

09/27/2016 · 1:42

- Ready?

Stand up.

- Hi, guys.- Hi.

- What are you guys doing?

- Hey, yo.

Come on, come in here.

She's so darn cute.

Oh, my gosh.

I'm so tired.

- Me, too.

- Oh, hi, Ty.- Hi, ma.

How you doing, ma?

- Peachy.- Good, good.

Glad to hear it.

- Oh, you're an ass.

- What?

- Seriously.

So have you seen anydifference in Cate at all

since she's been back with...

- Yeah. Yeah, I have.

- So it was helpful?I mean, did you--

- Oh, yeah, me too.- --learn anything?

- Learned a lot of crap.

- Did you?- Oh, yes, every day.

You had classes and stuff

that you had to go to and--

- Are you puttingthis stuff to the test?

- Yeah. Well--- Because I'm sure you--

- --I haven't hada trigger yet, really.

- No? Oh, good.- No.

- That's awesome.- Yeah.

- Oh, I could've swornthe other day you were high.


You've been smoking,haven't you?

Yeah.- It's something that I probably

won't talk aboutbecause I don't want

the whole world to know.

- Really?

Wow. Okay.- Oh, I don't know.

I think--- See? I don't know nothing.

But you, are you strong enough

if you see her not doing

what she's supposedto be doing?

Are you strong enough to...

- Yeah, I have to keepmy mouth shut.

- You do? Okay.

- Yeah.

[dramatic music]