• Season 5, Ep 18

sneak peek: debra and simon go one-on-one

As Farrah prepares to move to LA, Debra levels with Simon about how she feels about him. #TeenMomOG airs Monday at 10/9c!

02/09/2016 ยท 1:43

[upbeat music]

- All right, show meyour little marshmallows.

What'd you make me?

- Today my mom is leaving for Seattle

after being here for six weeks,

and I'm glad she stayed so long to help with Sophia

while I get ready for my move to L.A.

- I got, like, 15 minutes,

and before I go,if it's okay,

I'd like to talk to Simonfor a minute.

- Okay, sure.Why not?

- Soph, let Grandmatalk to Simon.

- How do you feelabout Farrah

moving to L.A. herepretty quick?

- I feel good.

I think it's gonnabe good for her.

She's gonna havea lot more opportunities,

and plus she'll be closer to me,

so that wayI can watch over her

and help her outwith whatever she needs, so--

- I'm not messingwith your mama's boyfriend.

Would you please shut the doorso we can have some privacy?

- Sophia,get away from the window.

- It's been, like,three months, I think,

since we've talked,

and my biggest concern here is

that you're almosta mirror image of Michael.

Almost uncanny,the personality type,

so there's things likepassive-aggressive behavior.

There's things like angerthat comes from that, so that--

- Sure, I understand.- That scares me, okay?

That really scares me

because that's all formsof domestic violence.

- I mean, I'm not a violentor a person like that

or how you kindof are making me out

to be right now,which is kind of weird,

'cause I've never, ever doneanything like that.

I mean, I've heard, you know,

stories about you