• Season 1, Ep 4

sneak peek: biggest fan

Quinton is worried about his best friend and mentor's health issues.

03/11/2016 ยท 1:15

- Oh? Yeah, I am.- Hi.

- How's it going?- I'm iO.

- iO? Nice to meet you.- Nice to meet you.

- Hey, man.- Nev.

- Thank you.- Nice to see you.

- Can you tell us a little bitabout your relationship?

- Yeah.He's my best friend.

He's my trainer,my coach, my mentor.

He doesn't know it, but, man,I'm his biggest fan.

- Was he going to competein the 2012 Olympics?

- He qualified,

but he couldn't compete because he developed hydrocephalus.

Along with that,he had a cyst.

He went throughchemotherapy.

Six months lateris when I found out.

- So you didn't knowhe was being treated

for this condition at all?- No. No.

- That strikes meas bonkers bananas

that he would go throughsix months of chemotherapy

and not tellhis brother/best friend.

- Yeah.- Right.

But he healed.It got better.

He qualified for the 2016 Olympics,

and everything has been fine

up until about a coupleof months ago.

Before I moved backto Colorado,

we trained right herein this area.

I started doing my hill workout

and he's at the bottom,

and I can seein his whole aura

that he's not doingtoo well.

He just got on his knees and just started throwing up,

nose bleeding,

and I asked, "Is everything all right?"

He said, "I'm good."

And I didn't believe it.- Whoa.