• Season 5, Ep 15

sneak peek: drama

Jenna apologizes to Luke about turning him down.

03/22/2016 · 0:56

- I knew it would hurt Luke

when I told him that we couldn't date,

but I knew he appreciated honesty and maturity.

[relaxed music]

Hey, I'm sorryif what I said earlier

with Lizzy sounded harsh.

What I meant to saywas that I like you

and that's whywe can't start dating.

- Come again?- It's just that I need to

concentrate on workand if we're making out,

then I'm going to beconcentrating on that,

and I-I really needto get published

and I can't have any drama.Plus, I-I wouldn't want anyone

to think I'm only herebecause of you.

- Jenna, it's cool.Like you said, it's no big deal.

The server's up.I got to get back to work.

- Right.Back to work.

He had taken the news well, really well.

So why did I wish he hadn't?

Then I realized I did like Luke,

like, like liked Luke.

Like, drama.