• Season 31, Ep 4

sneak peek: meet kia

Kailah gets jealous when Dione introduces a new girl.

04/01/2016 ยท 1:29

Dione's loving it because there's a beer tower.

The girls,they're looking around.

I think they see better talent as well

when it comes to the guys.

It is a great vibe.

- Kia.Oh, okay.

- I like exotic-looking girls,and Kia's pretty--

like, I want to say half-Creole,half-Puerto-Rican chick--

so she's catchingmy eye right now.

If you want.- Okay.

- Yes?No?

Yeah.- Right now?

- Yeah, I can be.- Are you ready?

- I can be.

- Hi!

- Let's get the party down.

I don't introduce myself.

I have no reason to.

- Oh! Ah!

- Why don't you rub it inKailah's face more?

Dione is being rude.

He is a dick.

And that's probablynot going to change.

I see right through you.