• Season 2, Ep 15

Sneeze Whiz

Want to sneeze on people for money? These contestants do!

02/04/2016 · 2:57


Everyone's really sensitiveto germs these days.

So to combat that,we're gonna challenge folk

to go sneeze on people.(sneezing)

Whoa, was that a sneeze?

No, it wasour spray bottle.

Hey, do you wanna sneezeon people for money?

No, thank you.Sure.

Okay, fair enough.

Sir, are you allergicto money?

Uh, no, I'm not, sorry.

You're not--wait, you're sorry

that you're not allergicto money? That's a good thing.

Bless you.




Do you wanna sneezeon people for money?

Sneeze on people?Oh, yeah.

(Derek)No one's happy aboutgetting sneezed on.

But for every reactionyou get, you get $10.

All right, I'll do it.All right.

All right, let me see,let me see what you got.

Let me get a little...bleh.

Let me get a little fake--(sneezing)

There you--Whoa.

Gotta wash this.That's pretty much, yeah.

That's that's the way you do it.Sorry.

That's the way you do it.I'm so glad it's water.

There's a lot of peoplecoming your way.

You sneeze onwho you can sneeze.

Achoo! I'm sorry.You stepped on my toe.


That was a nice wet one.That hit good in the face.

All right, this dudein this Pirate's hat

is walking upto your right...

You got it.


Okay, we're learning.


(sneezing) Sorry.I'm so sorry, I'm sorry.


Crazy yearin allergies.

(David)Game is not approved by the FDA.

Okay, Adam,the girl jogging.

Just say it was the dog.

Achoo, oh, oh.

Oh, my God.

That was the best.


I'm sorry,I'm so sorry.

You can say,"God bless you."

God bless you.Thank you, geez.


Oh, I'm so sorry.

It's pet dander,I'm really sorry.

I'm really sorry.(whispers) No.

(Adam)So sorry.

No.He said, no.

Give her a nice good,old wet one.

(sneezes)I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,I'm so sorry.

Oh, my God, my face.


New Yorkershave no manners.

That was disgusting, David.

Who knew so much could come outof something so small?

There you go.Pretty good money, huh?

All right, bye.All right, now.

Adam, you sneezed ona ton of people.

You won a lot of money.Oh, my gosh, that was great.

Oh, thank you.High five to you, Adam.

And, Jonesy, high five?High five, buddy.

Oh, y'all so great,y'all so great.

Come on, buddy.The dog is awesome.

He game me a high five, man.

My heart is filled.