• Season 5, Ep 19

sneak peek: tyler thinks catelynn is depressed

Tyler and Catelynn talk about her postpartum depression and what he can do to help her out. Don’t miss the 2 HOUR season finale of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 10/9c.

02/15/2016 · 1:49

- Hello.

- What are you doing?

- Just puttingsome pictures in here.

- Oh, of our wedding?Our beautiful wedding?

- Yep.

- So how did the appointmentwith Kathleen go?

- She thinks I hadpostpartum depression.

I mean, I feel like I probablywas going through something.

I don't knowif I was or not.

I'm just startingto realize it, so...

kind of figuring it outmyself, really.

- I honestly think you are.

I think you are in a depression.


just from the signs that I see.

- Like what?

- Like you have,like--like sleeping a lot.

I think that's why I would getbitter when it's like,

"Stop sleeping, man.You don't need to be sleeping.

"You just get upand get dressed.

"Put some clothes on.Brush your teeth.

Get, like, you know,get yourself together."

'Cause that stuff is--makes--that's what, like, they say.

Like, if you're depressed--

- I know, but that's easier saidthan done when you are in it.

- I know.

But I need to know what you needme to do when you...

start getting in a rutof depression or anxiety

or whatever.

Like, what I need to do.

- I just need, like, yeah.Encouragement.

It's good to have somebodyto push you to do something,

'cause that--those are the lastthings you want to do

when you're going through it.

You don't want to get dressed.- I know, right.

- You don't wantto get out of bed.

I want to justsleep my life away.

[instrumental music]

I don't want to dealwith that forever.

- Honey, I know.Listen.

I know you don't wantto deal with it forever.

- And that's notwhat I want to deal with

for the rest of my life.

[dramatic music]

I do not want to be like that.

I don't want Nova growing upand seeing me going through,

like, spouts and stuff, and--