• Season 2, Ep 13

Not Fast But Furious

$10 for every 5 seconds you wait - and hold up traffic.

01/21/2016 ยท 2:09

(engines revving)

(tires screeching)

Hey, man, you're on"Broke-Ass Game Show".

You're on "Broke-AssGame Show".

If you stay here and don't drivewhen that light turns green,

we'll give you $10 for everyfive seconds that you stay put.

$10 for every fiveseconds you wait.

(man)He's in a rush, he's in a rush.

I got a passenger.

Oh, you're an Uber.Yeah, yeah.

See you later.Thanks.


Hey, there.I know you're on the phone,

but you're also on"Broke-Ass Game Show."

Oh, hello.

Okay, great.

Okay? So when thatlight turns green,

for every five secondsthat you stay put,

we'll give you ten bucks.

We're gonna piss offa lot of people.

The longer you stay here,the more money you make.

Okay, cool.And if anyone starts

walking down here, I'm gonnapretend I don't know you.

All right,here we go!

Here we go.

Here it comes!

Congrats!No, no!

Let 'em wait, let 'em wait.

It's starting.(car horns honking)

They mad already,they mad--

20 bucks!One, two...

Yo, that light'sgonna change.

(car horns honking)

I can stay hereas long as I want, right?

Go ahead!Ten bucks!

All right.(car horns honking)

Are you--Is this exciting?

Ten bucks!


(David)Oh, no, this isn't good.

Let 'em wait.You're doing great.

How much moneydo you got?

We got a lot of money.

(Derek)Oh, the light just changed.

You should go, go,get out of here.I'm going.

(David laughing)

This guyain't gonna play.

I'll try, though.

I'll try, come on.

All right.Hey, hey.

Yeah, I told you.

There, there.

Hey, man, you're on"Broke-Ass Game Show".

When that light turns green,if you stay put,

for every five seconds,we'll give you ten bucks.

I don't thinkI want to do that.

No?Why not?

Well, he's a goodSamaritan.

No, I'm not a goodSamaritan, I'm a cop.

Have a good day.

All right.

I don't thinkhe was a cop.

He was driving aroundin a Subaru.