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sneak peek: nova is the cutest crier of all time

Catelynn talks about her fool-proof method to calm Nova down in the #TeenMomOG Unseen Moments Special — Monday at 9/8c!

03/07/2016 · 1:37

The kids on "Teen Mom"aren't always so cuteand easygoing.

Catelynn found that outthe hard way

when baby Nova justwould not stop crying.

[Nova crying]

- What is the matter?

She's just overly tired.

- I've been there.

[Nova crying]

- Uh-oh.Uh-oh.

What's going on?

[Nova crying]

Sometimes you got to walk awayfor ten minutes

and then come back.

- Then what ifshe's still crying?

- Then you try itall over again.

[Nova crying]

You're lucky you're not olderor you'd be grounded.

Are we done being sassy?

Can I get a smile?


Yeah, that's what I like.

- She's so cute.

I see your daddy.

- [cooing indistinctly]

- It took a 20-minute walkto just calm her down.

- Hey.She doesn't seem too mad now.

- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


So have you figured outa foolproof method,

you know, to calm her down?

- Yeah.Really, it's not that hard.

As long as I am constantlyengaging with her

and talking and, you know,like, just playing with her,

she's completely fine.

As soon as I turn my back,she screams.