• Season 31, Ep 9

sneak peek: Meanwhile...

Jenna is excited to share the news about Dylan and how much he likes her, but isn't aware that he's out hooking up with Kailah.

05/12/2016 · 0:56

- Hello. - So how's it going?

- It's going better.

Like, we got a new roommatein the house now.

- Oh, wow.

- Yeah, his name is Dylan. - Crap.

- He's from Boston,but he lives in North Carolina.

- Oh, really.

- So he, like, relates to me in,like, every single way,

and takes up for me,and, like, is in love with me,

and it's only been,like, two days.

- Well, is everybody else liking him,

or are you two getting along with everybody else

in the house, or what's his deal?

- Yeah, he getsalong with everybody else too,

but he likes me the best.

- Cool.

- Personally...

Dylan starts kissing me,

and I'm not aboutto push him off.

He can kiss meany time he wants.